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AMT Machine Shop
1126 Franklin St.
Vancouver, BC V6A-1J6
Tel/Fax: 604-251-3301
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OPEN 8-4 Monday-Friday
Closed Sat/Sun

"Adam has been making custom parts for our rally cars for years. Everything he produces is accurate, strong and reliable"
RSport Rally (2005 Western Canadian Rally Champion)

"Adam's precision workmanship brings us back time and time again. When we send product to the job sites we need it to fit first time. Adam has delivered in this respect every time."
RMT Contracting

Custom Machining and Fabrication. Race & Rally Car Preparation.

AMT Machine Shop is a full service custom machine and fabrication facility capable of tackling a variety of projects using steel or exotic materials.

Projects include precision custom machining, repairing steel, aluminium, stainless, and other metal parts; intricate glass panel mounting systems; retail store racking and display systems etc...

AMT also prepares race and rally cars including custom engine swaps (your choice of engine can be fitted into almost any vehicle).



Custom Machining More Photos
Wheel_Spacers Caliper_Mounts Custom_Machineing Rotor_Hats

General Fabrication More Photos
Table Race_Car_Chair Custom_Links Custom_Pieces

Custom Retail Fabrication - Clothes Racking Systems More Photos
Custom_Clothes_Racks Dayton_Shoes Dayton_Shoes Yogo_Store

Custom Retail Fabrication - Free Standing Hanging Systems and Signage
Bang_On Bang_Ons Stone_Tile Stone_Tile

Custom Ruckas More Photos
Bang_On Bang_On Bang_On Bang_On

AMT Custom Trike More Photos

AMT Custom AE86 - MX6-GT-Turbo Engine Install + Cage Install More Photos
AMT_AE86 AMT_MX6-GT-Turbo_Conversion AMT_AE86 AMT_MX6-GT-Turbo_Conversion

AMT Custom Miata More Photos

Engine Swap and Fab- Honda VTEC engine into Mini 1000 More Photos
Mini_Rough_In Mini_Installed Complete! Rear_End

s2000 Engine Swap into AE86 More Photos
s2000 AE86_Rough_In Complete Complete!

Roll Cages - AE86, Lexus, Skyline, Datsun - Any Application More Photos
350z_Rough_In 350z_Finished Lexus_GS Skyline_Role_Bar

Turbo / Exhaust Instalation and Intake Pipe Fabrication More Photos
Downpipes Turbo_Rough_In Turbo_Down_Pipe Turbo_Plumbing

Other_Fabrication More Photos
Rear_Cab Custom_Machineing Light_Roo_Bars Skid_Plates

Other work More Photos
Porsche_Exhaust_Gundo Spark_Plugs_and_Spark_Plug_Tubes

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